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Why Enkindle?

E - empowering you to make choices in your life which support your values and real life purpose

N - saying no to the things in life you don't need any more 

K - knowledge that there are many paths of possibilities for you to explore

I - putting yourself first 

N -  nurturing the passion to discover your true potential

D - determination to succeed in anything you set out to achieve 

L - luminous and shining bright - being the best you can be 

E- energised and more focused

Enkindle means to 'make luminous and glowing' and captures the essence of what I believe in. It's about putting yourself first, discovering your true potential and self-purpose and enabling you to stand tall. It's your time to shine and glow in the radiance of all you achieve.


Enkindle also represents the following characteristics which through coaching you will be able to tap into:



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