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What my clients say about me




“I came to Nicola when I needed a certification coach as I was doing the Co-Active CPCC, and I’m so glad I did. She provided a safe and encouraging space to learn, and gave me a great mix of coaching and mentoring through this process. Her coaching helped me to expand into being a more confident and courageous coach, and she gave me just the right level of challenge to help me grow”




"Nicola has been a fantastic support to me as I’ve completed my CTI training. She’s provided some excellent coaching which has allowed me to find new insights about myself. She coached me with care and support, and provided encouragement and challenge as appropriate. She’s also fantastic at celebrating success and making the time and effort to do so."


"I have been working with Nicola for the last 6 months and have found her to be an amazing coach. Through the sessions I have felt completely supported and held but also challenged to move forward in areas that are important to me. Her effective questioning and observations have helped me to clarify thoughts and ideas which have enabled me to make life changing decisions. I can truly say I have transformed and feel stronger and more courageous to follow my dream. I now see Nicola as one of my cheerleaders in life!"



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