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Coaching Supervision Circle

Nicola Arnold &

Wendy Strohm


Supervision with content to focus the mind and grow our thinking

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Our next Coaching Supervision Circle starts April 2021

What may you be denying your clients by staying as you are?

What a question to open a page with! Yet it’s an important point to note that as coaches we too are ever evolving and growing.

Perhaps supervision is new to you or something you have considered engaging in but not sure how helpful it will be or how it works. Read on to find out why we have created the Coaching Supervision Circle and why we feel awareness of supervision is needed more than ever right now.

Coaching supervision provides a safe, supportive space to reflect on your coaching and increase your self-awareness as you celebrate successes; discuss issues and questions that might emerge from your practice, and consider areas of development to enhance your coaching competence and confidence.


Why have we developed this programme?

Our purpose is to create awareness of supervision and the importance of CPD and growth and bring real focus to it so it’s not just meeting a need to be supervised but using it for real development. Nicola (ICF accredited) and Wendy (EMCC accredited) bring a wealth of experience as coaches and supervisors and have knowledge of the core competencies from both ICF and EMCC.


As coaches we thrive on helping those we work with maximise their potential and strive for excellence. Can we say the same for us?


We have developed this programme for group supervision with themed topics to maximise potential learning and growth of coaches. There is a maximum of six participants per cohort to ensure there is time for rich conversation and enable group to really learn to trust each other, support, challenge and grow as a community of practice.

Watch our short introduction video about the Coaches Supervision Circle by clicking on the video link below.



What's working?

What's inspiring?

What's missing?

What's possible?

What is group supervision?

Group supervision is a collaborative learning process facilitated by a coaching supervisor. It recognises that all coach participants are experienced and may offer discussion points, questions and feedback.  Each circle will contract on this.


Supervision can be split into four key functions:

  1. Normative – this is to quality assure our coaching practice.  We examine our competence and consider our ethical stance in our work.

  2. Formative – this is to increase our competence in our coaching capability.  We may refresh or develop skills, knowledge and/or attributes.  We seek to grow our self-awareness about our coaching practice.

  3. Supportive or Restorative – this is to ensure our practice is good and healthy.  We might check or challenge ourselves, as well as unpack emotional impacts on self (transference)

  4. Commercial – this is business development.  Our supervision circles and hot topic areas do not cover this area.


How do the supervision coaching circle sessions work?


We agree our operating principles together and this will centre around confidentiality, respect, and support.  Over time we will gel together and grow the space together so that group supervision is a place where we can develop and nurture our coaching practice.  Our contribution in the session might take a broad perspective in examining potential impacts, share a personal or coaching experience, or observe, listen and question to learn and develop greater self-awareness.


All conversations in supervision are respectful of others’ situations and of the information that is being shared.  We agree that everything that is discussed in the group stays within the group. It is a good idea to use generic references to avoid naming specific clients, sponsors and organisations.

Model agenda

  1. Group check in and operating principles                            We will agree our intentions for each other as a group and how we want to work together

  2. Overview of the topic for the circle

  3. Identify supervision needs in the group and order of sharing

  4. Supervisee presents case                                                     You will have approx 5 minutes to talk through your thought/issue

  5. Thoughts from the circle on the case                                   Supervisor will open up to the group and ask for them to share thoughts, experiences, questions in relation to the topic that has been discussed

  6. Pause                                                                                              To note any reflections and make notes of any actions

  7. Repeat for all supervisees

  8. Close of the circle and reflections                          Supervisor will open up to the group and supervisee and invite them to take a minute and note down any reflections/actions for their own practice to take away. Group will be able to share a word or sentence about what they will do next

Our role as the coaching supervisor is to:

  • maintain the overall management of the group and supervision processes, and schedule

  • have regard for where the group is in terms of your coaching development, including the context in which you are coaching

  • set the tone for positive participation in a group learning environment - open and respectful of contributions, encouraging collaboration and supporting learning

  • gain agreement around how we work together, agree a session ‘agenda’ and manage overall processes and timing



Our next Coaching Supervision Circle starts April 2021

The table below details the dates and topics which will be covered in our next Coaching Supervision Circle.

This is a 6 month programme and it is best if you can attend every virtual session as we grow together as a group.

The investment for your 6 months of growth is £720.


So what are the benefits of supervision?

Coaching supervision provides a safe, supportive space to reflect on your coaching and increase your self-awareness as you celebrate successes; discuss issues and questions that might emerge from your practice, and consider areas of development to enhance your coaching competence and confidence. The programme gifts you the opportunity to:

  • Explore your ideas and challenges in a safe supportive space

  • Develop your range and bring more aliveness, fierce courage and presence to your work

  • Opportunity to bring new awareness and insights into your practice

  • Time to check in with the core competencies of your professional body and meet credential requirements



Supervision gives you a chance to hold up your coaching practice to a mirror and reflect and review your practice. This could include:

  • What you feel has gone well and what you feel went less well, a successful outcome you achieved

  • a review of how you approached your coaching: models, tools or technique you used

  • a critical incident - one that seemed significant (for whatever reason) that you keep thinking about or has caused you to wonder....

  • something that you are not sure about: e.g. ‘what to do when .....’

  • a boundary issue that may have emerged e.g. at a personal level around limits of competence, or a conflict around values/’personality’; at an organisational level around contracting or sponsorship; at a client level around engagement and motivation

  • a common theme or issue that you have noticed in your coaching


If you’re ready to thrive as a coach

To bring aliveness, courage and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone

To be ready to invite connection, giving, learning, and more self awareness

To feel supported and held accountable

Then join us and a community who are ready to step forward

We can't wait to welcome you to the programme.

Nicola and Wendy



Nicola Arnold PCC, CPCC


Nicola is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach empowering women to achieve inner confidence by challenging limiting beliefs and mindset that stop them valuing their own worth. She firmly believes that self worth is a lifestyle not a luxury.  


With over 25 years’ experience in helping individuals focus on their development both professionally and personally, her passion is in supporting individuals to connect with who they really are and what they really want. She nurtures them to be happy in their skin by quashing self doubt and reconnecting with their true self so they can illuminate their path of possibilities and make resonant choices.


In 2016 she launched the Happy to be ME hub (shortlisted for an ‘exceptional business award’ 2017 and two awards in 2018) an online community where people can share what’s made them smile and how they have connected with gratitude. It has fostered a culture where everyone supports and champions each other to be their authentic selves and be happy to be in their own skin.


Nicola is regularly invited to speak at events and has spoken at the UK ICF conference and for several of their chapters. She also writes regularly for a number of online mediums on self care, wellbeing and authenticity – three of her top values.


Nicola holds PCC credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with over 1000 logged coaching hours. She is an accredited coach for the Affina Team Journey and a registered coach, accredited HLM 360 facilitator, and coach supervisor with the NHS Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Collaborative.


Recent clients have included Princes Trust, NHS and other charity organisations, both within the UK and internationally.


Find out more at:




Wendy Strohm

I have been offering consultancy services for over 25 years and specialise in executive coaching and coaching supervision. Coaching contracts tend to be personal one-to-one programmes and support specific management and leadership needs, particularly performance and leadership style, building business and change situations. I hold Senior Practitioner accreditation of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and I have a role as a Global Accreditation Assessor.  I am a qualified coach with over 2,000 hours coaching practice and a post-graduate level Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I undertake regular coaching supervision and co-coaching. My career has been as a managing director, non-executive director, senior HR management and specialist quality assurance and qualification development consultancy roles. I have been a member of the Steering Group for the review of the National Occupational Standards in Coaching and Mentoring and I provide training to enable others to become coaches and mentors.

I hold a Masters in HRM and I am Chartered Fellow CIPD, Chartered Fellow CMI, FRSA, FInstLM, FITOL, a member of ICF, and part of the Time to Think Collegiate.

Find out more at my website


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You can find full details about core competencies as a coach member with the ICF requirements here


You can find full details about core competencies as a coach member with the EMCC requirements here


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