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Speaking and workshop engagements

Words are a powerful tool.

I use mine to support and inspire 

As well as coaching, I enjoy speaking and running workshops regularly at conferences and business/networking events. Some of my recent clients have included The Princes Trust and both speaking and running workshops the NHS.


I am known as the gratitude champion and enjoy sharing my knowledge about the benefits of a positive mindset in work, home and play.


I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt about my own journey to valuing me and shaking off the self doubt and being happy in your own skin. You can find out more about my online community to celebrate your self worth here: 'Happy to be ME' hub.


"Nicola provided a fantastic session at our recent National Annual Congress. The audience was mixed, both in terms of professional background and managerial experience and yet she managed to 'speak' to everyone. She challenged us to think differently and consider our own behaviours. She delivered serious messages in an engaging manner, whilst keeping it real and relevant to everyday life. I would certainly recommend her to others and hope to work with her again in future."

Dr Elizabeth Loney

Are you looking for a speaker for your event? Or someone to come and run a workshop in your organisation?


Talks and workshops I am regularly asked to deliver include:


  • Resilience and Relationships – creating an environment to thrive not just survive

  • An introduction to understanding our own behaviours when channelling confidence    

  • Debunking the myths of imposter syndrome

  • When did you last take a walk with gratitude

  • Managing the mind chatter – overcoming our self-doubt to succeed in life

  • Managing the mind chatter – overcoming our self-doubt to succeed in business

  • How comparison can take over our lives and the simple steps we can take to diffuse it

  • Is comparison stopping your life or business from thriving?

  • How a satsuma can help you become more mindful in business



  • Building resilience to maximise potential​

  • Do you have a moment? An introduction to mindfulness

  • When did you last take a walk with gratitude?

  • How a satsuma can help you become more mindful

  • Bringing the value back to life - what is it you really want?

Click here to contact me about delivering a workshop or speaking for your organisation


Here are some examples of events I have either spoken at or run workshops for:

The Princes Trust

I was commissioning to build a staff wellbeing hub and run virtual workshops for staff which included topics such as resilience, mindfulness, impostor syndrome, mindset etc. to support their resilience and improve working relationships. Staff were encouraged to consider their own wellbeing and also how learning from the hub and the workshops could be transferred into the workplace and with the young people they worked with.

"Nicola delivered several sessions for our organisation, as well as a session on Resilience during the Coronavirus crisis. We received excellent feedback from attendees, particularly focusing on Nicola’s engaging and interactive approach which encouraged us to be kind to ourselves and manage our own wellbeing. Many attendees have commented that they are putting these techniques in practice to manage their own wellbeing during this time, but also that these activities could be incorporated into our work with young people as well as at home for those with young children. I really enjoyed working with Nicola to arrange and deliver this session, and was particularly impressed by her flexibility and interest in the context of the organisation so that we could make the most of the opportunity. Thank you Nicola for your time, enthusiasm and supporting us to all make time for ourselves."

Jeanette Delf

Wellbeing in a evolved reality - supoprting indivudal and team resilience through challenging times

I have spoken for a number of organisations suporting staff through the evolved reality and understanding what they have learnt about themselves and each other through the Covid pandemic. 

Nix delivered an interactive, engaging and positive session around personal resilience to Pharmacy and Medicines Management colleagues at our local Pharmacy Network meeting. It was much needed session as Pharmacy colleagues had voiced they were fatigued as a result of working through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Due to Covid, the resilience session was delivered through a virtual platform and Nix still managed to engage and enthuse her audience with her energy, positivity and “pearls of wisdom”. It is so easy on a day to day basis focus on all that we need to achieve in our lives and as such we lose sight of what we have achieved. I love the “Ta-da” list concept rather than the “to-do” list!

 Nix cleverly tied into the session completion of a piece of continuing professional development that attendees could use as part of the annual revalidation process required for professional registration.

It was the best attended session we have had with great feedback from attendees, so much so, I have recommended Nix to other Pharmacy networks.

Thank you Nix for making us stop and pause for a moment in a fast paced world, for your pearls of wisdom and helping us re-frame how we view things!

Rachal MacKay

Associate Director of Medicines Management – Guildford & Waverley ICP

NHS Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS work: Team resilience and relationships

I was commissioning to run workshops for NHS staff to support their resilience and improve working relationships. Delivering the sessions to over 150 staff, the sessions focused on how understanding our own behaviours can enable us to form stronger and more authentic relationships. 

I enjoy working with the commissioning lead to tailor a workshop that meets the needs of the individual requirements of the organisation I am working with.

"From my own perspective, I thought the session that I attended went very well.  People seemed engaged and from what I saw, found the session to be thought provoking and enlightening.  Nicola did a great job facilitating, hitting a good balance of keeping it light by making jokes, but also getting the serious points across to encourage people to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours.  It was helpful to see how our mannerisms, actions and behaviours impact on others, too, as I think, very often, we do not consider this side of things, but then wonder why something doesn’t work out how we want or expect it to.


Throughout the planning and preparation stage, I found Nicola to be great to work with.  She planned and outlined a good session, but was very open to making changes and adjustments to things as required for our specific session.  Her passion for the subject is obvious and this was infectious to the group, which was great.  I’d feel very confident engaging Nicola again in future training sessions, should the need arise." 

Zoe Pye

Coach CPD (continuing professional development)

I have spoken at a number coaching events, including chapters of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) on a variety of topics, enabling coaches to explore their own relationships with topics such as comparison, resilience and perfectionism. It is absolute privilege to be invited to speak by the organisation dedicated to professional coaching.

We ‘ICF Jordan Chapter’ were extremely happy to host and attend a Webinar on ”Passport to Resilience”  by Nicola Arnold, the session was highly informative,  Nicola made it possible for all  participants to resonate with her message and all were excited to start implementing the next day. In short the session was informative and Nicola came along as a confident and engaging speaker, we look forward to inviting her to speak in the near future.


 Dana Azzam, President of the ICF Jordan Chapter.

Nicola is engaging and passionate, and the personal touch of sharing her own personal experiences really brought to life how the comparison exercises and models can be effective. Nix led a very well received and well needed session for us in the NHS South East Leadership Academy – thank you Nicola!


Emma Fulton, Leadership Development Manager, NHS South East Leadership Academy

Speaking at Entrepreneurial Leaders Live event

I was invited to speak at the Entrepreneurs Leaders Live Event in Brighton run by Helen Packham.

The theme of the inaugural event was ‘The Big Breakthrough.’ Delegates were invited on a transformative journey to experience how their personal stories could enable them to stand out as a leader in entrepreneurship and to be inspired to take action to propel their businesses forward.

My experiential session entitled ‘This is me - the only way to create the future is to make it’ focussed on sharing my own breakthrough story of self-worth. As part of my session I introduced the delegates to a tool I use to challenge the perception of truth we have around self-belief.

The final part of my session saw me express my self-worth story using sign language and signing to the popular show theme ‘ This is me’. Not a dry eye was in the house as emotion and connection filled the room and have the delegates a chance to really connect with their own stories and what they wanted to do next. You can watch a snippet of my performance by clicking on the video clip.


"Nicola delivered an incredible interactive talk at my event Entrepreneurial Leaders Live. Hers was the last of the day and it didn't disappoint.

Nicola combined sharing her own inspiring story, with exercises and activities that and the whole room on the edge of their seats.

Her grand finale was unbelievable. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Her talk was truly transformational"


Helen Packham

Delegates were invited to sign up to a promise of what they would like to do following my session considering the narrative and emotion it had evoked for them. These promises were placed on the accountability wall – which you can see in the picture. 

You can access the full recording of my session and my sign language performance here:

"This is me" talk and mindset workshop video

Speaking at the London Moth Slam story telling event

I spoke at the London Moth slam storytelling event on self-worth and ego. It was a chance to volunteer to speak in front of over 100 people on stage, and whilst being filmed!  

It was a huge milestone for me to be able to share my story and face the reality of how far I have come on my own self-worth journey. I had some very lovely feedback about the impact I had had on several audience members.

Speaking at the Random Dialogues event

I was invited to share my story again yet in a different medium through the Random Dialogues event near Guildford. This was a more informal setting where I shared my journey and then the group all joined in a rich discussion around the topic and their insights from what I had shared.

Speaking at The Museum of Happiness

I was proud to be asked to run an interactive gratitude workshop at the Museum of Happiness in London. This was an opportunity to share my tools for inviting gratitude into your life and explain the longer terms effects of positivity for both mental and physical well-being.

Speaking at Refresh Wellbeing Festival

I represented Action for Happiness (AfH), the charity I volunteer for at a two day wellbeing event hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes.

I spoke on both days about the actions we can take in life to ‘Get Happy’ with the notion that it is possible to require our brains and create life where we are at choice.

I also manned a stall with a small team. We built a giant happiness wall and encouraged everyone who came to us to write down something that has made them smile or something they have done to make others smile. One Child wrote tarantulas made them smile!!! It was a great way to set positive intentions for the festival goers and remind people that a positive perspective is only one thought away.

Both the host Dame Kelly Holmes and one of the fitness experts – Chico (From X Factor fame!) came over and added their entries – it was great to meet them both and they both showed a genuine interest in the AfH movement and my work in positive mindset.

A key element of my face to face workshops and speaking events involves the promise box challenge. I invite participants to sign up to a one month promise to do something for them e.g. channel self care and compassion. To date over 500 people have signed up to the challenge. The promise box has travelled around the UK: The cities of Brighton, Birmingham and London and the counties of Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

What have delegates said?

"Nicola is a powerful and inspirational speaker with a brave and honest story about her personal journey to self - discovery. I had the pleasure to witness Nicola sharing her personal story about self-worth which left me extremely moved and inspired. Thought provoking and very eloquently delivered speech, it was full of personal experience.  It made me believe in the power of being truthful to myself as well as encouraging me to keep challenging my limitations and taking action to overcome them."



"Nicola Arnold is a gifted speaker. She holds the audience in the palm of her hand and takes them through an emotionally charged journey. I’d highly recommend Nicola for any event organiser or business owner looking for a keynote speaker who is memorable, creates conversations and challenges the audience to change their perspective. She definitely has the

X Factor when it comes to speaking."



"Having seen Nicola present in several different ways, I can honestly say that she has an absolute gift. Speaking to a large group, she really makes you feel like you are the only one in the room and that she is speaking to you directly. One to one, it is like speaking to your best friend. She has such a talent for engaging with people which makes her very approachable and you never feel like you are being preached to. I always leave Nicola's events feeling positive, and looking forward to the next one."



"Thank you Nicola for a beautifully delivered talk on resilience and for providing such well thought out materials., The takeaway tools for mindfulness and gratitude are innovative, fun and usable and I can't wait to put them into practice."



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