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What my clients say about me


Nicola has worked absolute miracles with me. I came to her a bit of a jumble, unsure of who I was intent on starting a whole new life elsewhere and had this weird compulsion for her to help me fit into a box or label me, so I could know who or what I was.                              


Now? I love my life, I own my quirks, I live my values and I uplift others. I no longer feel the need to start over somewhere new, wherever I go, I'll still be there. And do you know what? For the first time, I'm ok with that. Thank you Nicola. Dani

Take the Enkindle Life Coaching path & I promise that you will be guided with empathy, encouragement, kindness, you will be challenged but most of all Nicola will open your eyes to new or existing possibilities. I took that path & Nicola helped me find what I was looking for. Having never had Life Coaching before, I was really pleased at how I easily connected with Nicola. Just give it a go, what have you got to lose?! Anne

I chose Nicola because I wanted a coach to help me with my confidence. I needed a coach who would stand up to me and hold me accountable.

Nicola was all that and so much more. She helped me break out of my shell and become more confident in myself, which has had so many positive implications in my life. 
She helped me stand up to my saboteurs and realise that I'm awesome.

She helped me learn to put myself first, because I was putting everyone else's needs before my own and being a people pleaser.
Since putting my own needs first, I have become more confident and actually more generous because I am giving from a place of abundance rather than to win someones approval. But I am also able to say no if it is not going to serve me best or going to be detrimental to my health.

Nicola is always very understanding and will point out and recognise the great things within yourself, even when you yourself don't see it.

So thank you Nicola, I will always be grateful for your coaching  Chris

As a coach I have found working with Nicola a warm, honest and heartfelt experience. She is resourceful, intuitive and has provided a wonderfully nurturing space in which to express myself fully. I highly recommend Nicola as a coach that coaches from the heart.  Alice

Talking with you has made me realise how often I tell myself I can't do something when actually I know that I can. Putting this into focus has really helped me to be able to recognise that this is not really how I feel. I have found that I am now able to put scary big tasks into perspective (and not just panic). Emily 


I came to Nicola through an advertisement she'd placed, rather than through recommendation, so I didn't know what to expect in terms either of what Nicola would be like or what she could do for me. I found Nicola easy and approachable to work with, but at the same time she wasn't afraid to challenge me - and often did, but in very constructive ways that made me want to meet those challenges, rather than shy away from them. In just a few sessions, she has made me think about myself and my life options in a much more positive way. I am so glad I answered that ad! Lesley

I’d not really heard about Life Coaching before talking to Nicola but since having a number of coaching sessions with her I can honestly say it has had a really positive effect on my life. It has enabled me to approach aspects of my life from a different perspective and tackle things positively and with confidence. Nicola has been so supportive and I feel I can discuss anything with her. I look forward to having more coaching sessions with her in the future. Michelle

“I have been working with Nicola for the last 6 months and have found her to be an amazing coach. Through the sessions I have felt completely supported and held but also challenged to move forward in areas that are important to me. Her effective questioning and observations have helped me to clarify thoughts and ideas which have enabled me to make life changing decisions. I can truly say I have transformed and feel stronger and more courageous to follow my dream. I now see Nicola as one of my cheerleaders in life!” Helen


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