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""This is ME day was the most amazing experience. Nicola created a beautiful safe space in a perfect venue. I felt totally able to share my thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment.

When’s the next one? I’m booking and bringing a buddy!." Tracy



A day to truly connect with your heart without any feelings of worry or guilt about what else you should be doing.


Take one beautiful country setting. A delightful room with views out into a garden and a chance to truly relax in an elegant setting with a collective group of women who have come together to share a common goal.


Just imagine the benefits of feeling supported and nurtured to release your inner strength and move through limiting beliefs and "stuck stories". To truly be able to embrace you in your own skin and move forward with confidence. To own all of who you are and want to be. To make 2024 the year you really do commit to ‘doing that thing’. 


I’m excited to welcome you to the space. It's time to IGNITE your inner confidence and dance to your own rhythm. It's time to stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and enjoy your own tempo with no comparison, no self doubt and no negative self talk.


My mission in life is to encourage as many people as possible to feel happy in their own skin and able to live life from a place of choice.


Welcome to Ignite! 

Imagine a day to yourself

" I can’t thank you enough for the personalisation of the day and making each one of us feel special, individual and strong. 

The opportunity to spend time on and for myself with other like-minded ladies. I cannot overstate the value of this."


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"Nicola, your warmth compassion and ability to connect and make every single person not only feel valued and respected but wanted and believed in. I am so glad that I found you, I really do believe that you can inspire anyone to believe in themselves and follow their dreams and to be true too themselves."



I have designed and created the retreat myself. The theme this year is the 'rhythm of life' and we will explore several aspects about what really matters to you. This includes exploring a) what do you really want to focus your energy on b) where can you bring more calm and space to your life (noticing what is and isn’t within your control) and the special treat part will be very excitingly a drum circle in the afternoon.


It’s time to ignite your inner spark so you can dance to your own rhythm and feel like you are really living your life with purpose.

It's time to ignite your inner spark so you can truly own your successes, your strengths and beliefs about what’s possible.


It's time to ignite your inner spark so you can make choices that truly resonate and take action from this space.


The workshop is facilitated by myself. I am a certified coach who focuses not just on action but on your behaviours and mindset too.

The workshop is not therapy based.


Mansion House - Front Photograph.jpg

Why invest in yourself?

It's time to start living your life from a fulfilled and wholehearted place. 


The day retreat will offer you a safe space to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life

and surround yourself with beautiful countryside, a beautiful room to relax in and the space to just pause and breathe.


You will be in the company of like minded women who want to connect with their confidence and step out as their real selves.



During the day you will:

Come together as a small community to hold a mindful space of connection, laughter and joy.

Be supported to reignite your inner strength so you can let go of the negative mind chatter

and move through limiting beliefs and "stuck stories".

Complete an activity to look at the boundaries and control you hold in your life; and the shifts

that could give you a sense of choice, fulfilment and purpose so you can live life with simplicity and freedom.

Participate in a drum circle to truly awaken your own rhythm.

Celebrate your whole self to reawaken the wisdom, compassion and love that you hold for yourself.

It’s time to value who you are and reconnect with the qualities that make you, YOU!

 Ultimately I want to make sure you leave the retreat knowing that:

You are enough as you are

 You get to CHOOSE what happens next

 You have the strength within you to be everything you want to be

 You have many qualities to celebrate and draw on as you take steps forward 

Come join me and the other ladies  who’ve already signed up to say ‘This is ME’.

This is ME: Ignite Day Retreat

Saturday 19th October 2024

The one day retreat will take place at:


Warbrook House, The Street, Eversley, Hook, RG27 OPL

Ticket - £125 for HTBM members £135 for non members

Price includes 2 course lunch and drum circle – please let me know of any dietary requirements

Limited to 15 places

Click here to contact me and reserve your place



Testimonials from previous 'This is ME ' day retreats 

""Nicola's "This is ME Retreat" was a fantastic opportunity to hear some really inspirational presentations, along with some very useful practical steps I can take to blossom into being the best version of myself that I can be. There is always work to be done but Nicola and her fellow facilitators showed me that I CAN do it, and I'd like to thank them for reminding me to find the fun, to breathe, to choose self compassion and be courageous" Tracy


""Nix - you are truly amazing and your efforts in putting the day together are simply nothing short of sheer brilliance. Your belief and conviction in this and your wonderful kind caring compassionate attitude to all your endeavours really shine through and I’m sure we are all richer for being lucky enough to have experienced the magic of This is Me, well done" Melanie


""A great opportunity to take a pause from every day life and reflect on where I am in life now and enable me to look to the future and work towards a more fulfilling future whilst being held by some amazing people in a truly nurturing safe space." Claire



It's time to take the next steps



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