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Working with me

Firstly thank you for stopping by Enkindle and taking a look around and congratulations on putting you first and considering coaching as an investment for yourself and your future.


My intuition (which I am told serves me very well) senses you may be feeling nervous or apprehensive about what happens next and the changes you may make as a result of the coaching. It can seem like a daunting step forward. However it is also an exciting time to embrace who you are becoming and what really matters to you.


Taking the time to find the right coach for what you need is really important. So below is some information about me and my background. More information about how I work as a coach can be found in the ‘What is life coaching section’ of my website.



What do I stand for as a coach?

I am told by my peers and my clients that I am a ‘caring’ coach who creates a safe space for them to take some time and ‘just be’. In particular I have a real passion for working with individuals who want to develop their confidence and enable them to achieve their lifetime goals and also those who feel that they are at a crossroads in life and not sure which way to turn. 


I will enable you to connect with your inner true self, championing and challenging you to create a positive and empowering belief in what you want to do. From here resonant choices can be made as we illuminate the possibilities of what you want to achieve.


Coaching looks at today being the first day of the rest of your life. For example you have lacked confidence UNTIL NOW. I see myself as an intrepid explorer who can work with you to support your journey of discovery, ultimately resulting in your life becoming more fulfilling as you step into your spotlight and feel more comfortable in their own skin.


It’s very important for me that we have a real connection. Honesty and trust are my top two values – I wouldn’t be able to work with someone I couldn’t hold as naturally creative, resourceful and whole or who wasn’t committed to taking forward the changes they really want to make. So you can be assured that if I agree to take you on as a client that I really believe in you and will be completely committed to the coaching relationship.


There are several different ways in which you can work with me which I have listed below. 


I understand that currently you maybe connecting with mixed emotions around wanting to stand in your truth and explore what's next for you and also the fear of what might be uncovered. So hang in there - when we connect with our true vulnerability and accept the narrative we currently speak - this is where courage is born. I remember regularly saying the phrase 'I'm not good enough', feeling very isolated yet knowing that something needed to change - just not sure where to start.

Your time is now, this is why you are reading this - so read on to find out how I can help you take that next step.

Clicking on the links will take you to the page with all the details of how you can sign up, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Coaching packages


Coaching sessions are normally 30-45 minutes long and most clients tend to have 1-2 sessions per month in 3-6 monthly blocks. We can discuss a package which is tailored for your needs. Please contact me for more information on prices and package options.


I have created a programme to channel self compassion, stand in your truth and know your worth. It’s time to be enlightened to the possibilities that life holds for you when you connect with self belief.  You can either attend a one day workshop or join a 4 week online programme. Contact me to find out details about the next available programme. 

Happy to be ME hub

In January 2016 I launched the Happy to be ME hub, It's an online community which provides a safe environment where people can share what’s made them smile and also be honest about their journey to valuing self worth. 

Everybody supports and champions each other to become their best and connect with their self worth. I share regular tips and techniques to overcome self doubt and make self worth a lifestyle not a luxury. I run free challenges too to encourage a positive mindset. You can find out more about the Happy to be ME hub here.

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