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Your daily 'pic' me up for creating brighter days

What could you achieve with a daily positivity boost?

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"Waking up to the possibility of positivity can make the world of difference.

Just seeing a Zest email in my inbox lifts my mood before I’ve even read the day’s challenge"


I want to help as many people as possible to have a positivity boost and learn how to invite ways of being and doing into their lives which encourage a healthy physical and mental wellbeing presence.



It’s the 1st March and the month starts just like all the others.

A promise to yourself to be kinder to yourself

A promise and dare you say it invite self care into your life!

A promise to yourself to try the things you have always wanted to do.


And yet deep down it all feels heavy, burdensome and not achievable because you’re busy right? And there is a huge to do list to be getting on with and people to look after.


Well here’s some news for you...


YOU matter too!


You are your most precious resource!


Just like when you recharge your phone, ipad, laptop etc regularly to ensure it works at optimum level and the battery doesn’t get low – you need to do the same for you!


So I’ve created Zest to give you a daily ‘pic’ me up each morning with a picture inviting you to engage in a short activity to boost your wellbeing.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are evidence-based actions that people can do in their daily lives. It is based on a Government Office for Science Foresight Report into Mental Capital and wellbeing published in 2008.They are:

Connect – investing in relationships and networks

Give – doing something to help others 

Learn - trying something new, not being afraid to fail

Take notice – using your senses to see what’s around you

Be Active – participating in regular exercise that you enjoy

As you engage in the five ways of wellbeing you give yourself the opportunity to produce “happy hormones”. Happiness is not only in our minds, it is also in our bodies! 



Boosting your happy hormones

So what are the happy hormones?


The Happy hormones refer to Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and endorphins. Technically, some of these are neurotransmitters and not hormones, but for the premise of this programme let’s call them hormones.


Throughout the 31 days there will be opportunities to boost your happy hormones which include:

8 opportunities to boost your dopamine

8 opportunities to boost your oxytocin

9 opportunities to boost your serotonin

6 opportunities to boost your endorphins




So what do they do?



Dopamine is a “reward” hormone and is stimulated when we strive towards a goal or engage in pleasurable activities. We crave the pleasure of the reward of getting tasks completed and how it makes us feel accomplished. So self care activities, completing tasks and celebrating our wins (ta-dah lists!) help produce this hormone.


Oxytocin is the “love” hormone released upon physical contact. Self compassion and touch is really important to release this regularly to boost our mood which is why hugging is so important. Giving compliments, playing with a pet, relationships and physical contact really help create this hormone.


Serotonin boosts our mood and makes us more agreeable and sociable and happier. It is suggested it can help with sleeping, eating and depression. Without it we can feel irritable and it can cause a dip in our moods. Mediation, walks in nature and exposure to the sun (when it’s out!!) can boost it.


Endorphins block pain. They are the body’s natural painkillers. We tend to produce them when we exercise which is why we can feel a ‘high’ afterwards. They can also be released when we eat spicy food or dark chocolate (I’m up for that one!) and laugh. They promote an overall sense of wellbeing as they boost pleasure. It is suggested they can support reducing stress and anxiety, and lift your mood.


What does the programme include:

Private Facebook group – A safe space to feel encouraged and uplifted by each other and feel part of a small community. Conversations and support can be continued throughout the programme.


Daily morning task - with a picture that invites you to engage in a short activity to support the 5 ways of wellbeing. It means you just get to glance at the Facebook post and don’t need to read lots of text. No one needs to be bombarded with lots more to read do they?

Wellbeing creativity task – You are invited to choose a mandala template and colour in a small section every time you engage in one of the wellbeing activities. This is a great visual way for you to acknowledge your commitment to your wellbeing and see your progress throughout the Zest programme.

Accountability support - Be inspired and motivated by a community who all want to invite positive intention into their lives and to take action. There will be regular accountability check in's for members to share where they are up to, to ensure that everyone has the support they need to stay on track.

Nature walk in April – Join us for a mindful wellbeing walk in nature in April (Date TBC) with additional option to meet up with the community for coffee and cake afterwards


The investment for the programme is £33.33



The Zest daily positivity boost starts on

Friday 1st March 2024

Come join us!

If you’re ready to embrace your days with intention

To take care of you and invite a daily boost of positivity in your life

To be ready to invite connection, giving, learning, noticing and activity in your life

To feel supported and held accountable

Then join me and a community who are ready to step forward and invite some zest into their life

I can't wait to welcome you to the programme.

Nicola x


"Waking up to the possibility of positivity can make the world of difference.

Just seeing a Zest email in my inbox lifts my mood before I’ve even read the day’s challenge" Sue

What did I learn about my wellbeing on the programme? That investing this time in myself is not selfish. It’s keeping me strong so I can support others. Loved it! Tracy

"I highly recommend the Zest experience. A daily boost of positivity by means of a friendly prompt email was welcomed. The tasks were simple to achieve and there was no pressure to do them in any order. I enjoyed revisiting some multiple times. Thank you to Nicola for building such a friendly and supportive community. I would definitely recommend this and will take part again" Helen

"I found the daily emails so helpful and motivational. They are there for me to come back to time and time again and that is very valuable knowledge for me to have. The explanations of the different hormones was so helpful and I can then use that to pick and choose depending on my needs of the time. Thank you Nicola for providing such a valuable resource." Helen C

A wonderful poem written by one of the Zesters


A lovely lady created Zest

To help us all become our best

Everyday an email arrives

With a great new tip to help us thrive.


Each new picture contains a clue

Of all the things we need to do

To welcome wellbeing into our life

To help us cope with all the strife.


31 days of 5 ways to wellbeing

Facebook page to share how we're doing

The choice is yours if you share or not

But everyone's posts help a lot.


So thank you Nicola from us all

For all the work, we had a ball

Each new day the fun was real

When I'm finished maybe I'll squeal. 


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