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What is Life Coaching?


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Life coaching enables you to explore the different avenues of your life and focuses on the whole person. This is different for everybody and can include work, home life, goals, aspirations, wanting to be more confident in several aspects of your life and ultimately fulfilment in everything that you do.


My role as a life coach is to help you discover your true potential. We all have an inner strength that lays dormant and coaching enables this to be awoken. I will support you on your journey of exploration to be the best you can be.


Ultimately coaching focuses on the here and now. For example, questions I would ask you include: What is happening for you right now? What are you experiencing? and what do you want to change? Perhaps you are not sure what fulfils you and would like help to find out what this means to you.


Another aspect is helping you align and live by your values. These are the principles that you hold as part of your life – when we feel we are not achieving or an aspect of life is not working as we wish it to – it could be because you are not staying true to your values.

How does it work?


Coaching is very different from counselling, therapy, mentoring etc. As a coach I am not here to fix your problems, tell you what to do, or provide advice. I believe that deep down you have the ability to solve any challenges you have and already hold the answers you are seeking. I will use tools and techniques to help you discover your true potential which may lie deep within you and illuminate your paths of possibilities.

What happens during the coaching sessions?


The coaching sessions can be conducted:


• On the phone


• Through Skype™


• Face to face depending on locality



During the coaching sessions I will:



• Use questions to invite clarity and discovery to expand your thinking of the topics


• Use tools and techniques to encourage you to face challenges with confidence and determination 


• Encourage you to be honest with your feelings and express yourself in a confidential and safe environment


Empower you to make choices in your life which support your values and real life purpose


 Provide focus enabling you to proactively take steps to move forwards 


• Champion your successes and support your goal to live a fulfilled life 



What is paramount for me is that you feel that every coaching session provides a safe environment for you to be open and honest. I want you to really be able to get to the core of any issues or goals you want to reach for. With your permission I will ask you questions that may challenge you and make you confront the issue head on. After all it's important you commit to taking action and really taking the steps that will lead to the path of fulfilment.

Want more impact in these areas of your life?



Applying for a promotion

Getting that dream job

Changing your career

Facing redundancy

Going back to studying





Social settings

Self belief

Ambition in life

Aspirations to achieve more in any walk of life


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