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Happy to be ME membership

Did you know that we have on average 60,000 thoughts a day?

 It is estimated that 50,000 of those are similar or the same thoughts as the previous day. Those that participate in gratitude exercises regularly strengthen the pathways to our brains that are associated with perspectives enabling us to feel happier. Research suggests that those who regularly connect with gratitude feel happier; more fulfilled and generally improves psychological and physical health.

Join my 'Happy to be me' membership

Join my membership community who are ready to celebrate their individuality and stop trying to be the best of everyone. It's time to be the best of you.


In January 2016 I launched the Happy to be ME hub, It provides a safe environment where people can share what’s made them smile and also be honest about their journey to valuing self worth. 

Everybody supports and champions each other to become their best and connect with their self worth. I share regular tips and techniques to overcome self doubt and make self worth a lifestyle not a luxury. 

The yearly £20 subscription includes:


  •  Theme days such as Mindful Monday, Friday Feel Good and Sunday Self Care. Be inspired and motivated by a community who all want to invite positivity intention into their lives and to take action.

  •  Bi-monthly 7 day challenges on a host of topics to help you explore wellbeing, worth and self discovery

  •  Discounts for my programmes and online and face to face (soon!) events.

  •  Virtual hub pub events for informal gatherings and a giggle

  •  Email updates of challenges and events to ensure you find out about them in a timely manner (probably one email a month or every two months so won’t be bombarded

  •  Access to a private Facebook group as a platform for connection.  A safe space to feel encouraged and uplifted by each other and feel part of a community. 

Click here to sign up to the Happy to be ME membership

You can find out more about the hub in this short video:


Here's what the hub members have to say about the community:

“Nicola, the hub you have created is a wonderful community that I feel blessed to be a part of. It is a place that I feel comfortable and able to speak freely in the knowledge that I am not alone and I won’t ever be judged. I love the work that you do, effortlessly and tirelessly to encourage us all to seek the beauty in every day. Furthermore to recognise that when there are dark times that rather than shy away from them or ignore them, that we can simply allow them to be and move onwards with that moment. Of course I had heard of gratitude before I met you and even spent time each day writing my gratitude journal. However, it wasn’t until I started doing your mini daily challenges that I really started to connect the dots. You have gently shown me how to engage in a meaningful gratitude practice to fully appreciate each and every moment in my day." Nicky

“I absolutely love the hub Nicola has created. It’s a safe place to explore your mindset and self and find inspiration from Nicola and other people as to how she applies gratitude and positivity to her life. She shows us unique ways to explore, grow and nurture ourselves and is invested in hearing every little thing everyone has to say. Every day I know Nicola and the hub is there and love the way she holds no expectation from her members and simply invites people to engage when they feel the need to. I love being part of a positive community with no pressure and judgement, where you can be yourself but learn how to improve and grow my mind.” Lisa

“I love that the hub is there for as much or little as you need it in that you don't have to visit every day. There's no pressure to visit, you can dip in and out as and when you want to, contribute if you feel like it and always know they'll be a warm response for you, or just dip in to see what others wish to share, which I often find brings my own enlightenment as I realise I am in the same/similar situation” Gemma

“ I love being part of the 'Happy to be ME hub' that Nicola has set up. Nicola sets fun challenges which help me focus on the positives in my life and have also opened my mind to the benefits of gratitude. Nicola is responsive, encouraging and supportive with her thoughts and comments. I feel it is a safe space to share my experiences and I appreciate the openness and honesty of the other hub members. I think Nicola has created a truly useful, inspirational and supportive group, one which I am happy and grateful to be part of.” Bev

Gratitude recorded video session

You can watch my short 18 minute session 'When did you last take a walk with gratitude?' where I share practical tips and techniques to get started with connecting with gratitude.


You can access the video by clicking here

Gratitude blog post

Read my Huffington post blog 'When did you last take a walk with gratitude'

Get started with gratitude

Many people record their connection with gratitude in different ways ranging from jars to journals to phone apps and wow walls.

You can download some questions to help you get started here

We have together produced our '50 way that make us happy' poster and are encouraging each other to try out as many as possible on a regular basis.

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