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What my clients say about me


If you are looking for a passionate, energetic, and supportive coach to help you achieve your goals, look no further than Nicola! She and I worked together during a period of transition in my life and she is a natural coach who will bring so much to your coaching relationship. Among her many gifts as a coach are her positivity and warmth. On several occasions, I went into our coaching calls feeling really tired and down, and Nicola was able, on all of those calls, to help me tap into my inner resources and connect me with what I really wanted - giving me the encouragement and reminders of how I wanted to take action and make change happen. Nicola always was a champion for me and wouldn't let me get away with anything less than the best for myself. She is also incredibly fun to brainstorm ideas with, and she gave me a challenge that helped me capture back some free time in my day to use more positively. I still try to stick with it several months later, so her coaching effectiveness also has "staying power"! Whatever you're considering a coach for, Nicola will shine a light on your brilliance and will always want the best for you as her client - and you will be at your best while working with her! I can't recommend her highly enough! Meg

I had a number of challenges I needed to get through quickly, and was finding there was a lot of negative self talk going on. In short I was getting in my own way. I engaged Nicola's services (Enkindle Coaching) to rectify my urgent challenges. I already knew she was an effective coach, and a recommended one at that. She got me clear on what I needed to achieve, called me out when I started to back track, and helped me design a roadmap to achieve my goals. In short, tt was a success. Nicola is an effective coach for sure. I would recommend her without hesitation. TC

Nicola is a wonderful, intuitive and compassionate coach who enabled me to discover intrinsic truths which allow me to live a more fulfilled life. Robin

I was very fortunate to have a 30 minute introductory session with Nicola, and am still amazed with what she achieved in that time. Very quickly Nicola connected with me, was positive and really engaged in me. She took time to find out what I wanted, and asked open questions to allow me to think about the strengths I own. Non-judgemental or opinionated- Nicola allowed me to think at a new level this has caused massive results in my resilience, dedication and aspiration to live the life I want. Highly recommend. Glyn

Nicola you are an angel, easy to trust, very supportive and understanding.Its amazing how much I had accomplished in such a short time and I loved every bit of our sessions. I got my confidence and power back, overcame some of the obstacles. You

called me forth, reminded who I am at heart and how to connect to it. I made a huge step towards what's important to me. Pleasure to work with you and massive thanks! Renata

Thank you for all your help over the last few months. It has really helped me with the transition that's occurred in my life and continues every day to help me conquer some of the doubt and anxiety, and remember what's important and that there is no need to be continually rushing forward - enjoy and live in the moment! A


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