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"Thanks Nicola! You really show true care for us all and put so much into the programme for such outstanding value. A true inspiration of what we can all achieve in life if we keep moving forward and developing." Sue



It’s that familiar feeling

That pit in your stomach

The tightness in your chest

The feeling something is out of your reach


It’s that familiar phrase

Those words that tumble out of your mouth

That once put out there can never be unspoken. 


It’s that belief that crushes you

That keeps you small and after a while you actually start to believe it.


But here’s the thing.

It’s just a belief.

It’s not the truth.

You have the power and the ability to change this.


The question is are you ready to?

Do you want to?

Or are you happy telling yourself that same old story.

That you’ve never be able to to that thing, chase that dream, be the person you really want to be.


Go on - step into the brave.

Let me explain...


"This is ME"


‘This is me’. Three words which literally have been the most important I have ever said out loud. Why? Because it meant I had overcome a disease that had crushed and paralysed me for years and manifested in a side effect called ‘self-doubt’. I believe that many of us are either suffering as I did or are in recovery from ‘I’m not enough syndrome’.


You see, I thought it was just me but it isn’t. I know that now and it feels so comforting to recognise this and be able to help others live a fuller life.


I danced with the comparison gremlin for years; lying awake at night feeling like I couldn’t carry on with certain aspects of my life because I didn’t make the grade, wouldn’t be good enough, and would be judged or criticised. I used to gaze out of the window a lot wondering how life could be different.

Do you speak to yourself like someone you love? I know I didn’t. I felt I was useless, needed to fade into the background, made choices based on what others wanted and had no real purpose in life.


What I know now and wish I knew then was that so many of us say this phrase — perhaps not out loud or admit it to others but we all say it. 


I was done with dressing all in black, hiding in the background and doing things in life solely because that’s what I felt people wanted me to do. I was done with letting other people’s successes determine what I should strive for and berating myself when my own life journey offered something different.


My a-ha moment was that I had a choice. I wanted to make my own choices that resonated with me.

I decided from that day choices were for me. I wanted to be proud of my existence and set myself free from this chrysalis of self doubt, disconnection and lack of self love. Suddenly there was a whole new world to explore. When I let go of the comparison gremlin in my head I realised that I was an individual. When I let go of this I started to enjoy and embrace my own journey. It felt so empowering.

How many social media posts a day have you looked at and thought: Why can’t I be like that? We start questioning our why and say statements such as ‘Who am I to succeed like that?’, ‘Who am I to deserve to be happy?’ and ‘I could never achieve…’. I know I did.


💗 It’s time to put you first – it’s not selfish – it’s selfFIRST

💗 It’s about valuing YOU as your own person


💗 It’s time to channel self-love, self-respect and self-belief and live your life to the full

I’ve created Simply The Best so that you can reconnect with yourself with positive intention to be the best version of you.


Let me support you to:





Learn practices to channel compassion and self worth. Rediscover what you love about yourself, just as you are so you can reconnect with your strengths and what's possible.




Identify the self limiting behaviours that stop you from living a full and authentic life and give you back choice, freedom and a sense of direction.




Develop strategies so you can take action and step forwards with confidence and self love and determination to achieve things you really want to.

This group programme is for you if you want to:

Let go of the following:

  • Telling myself I’m not enough

  • The need to make decisions based on what others want 

  • Comparing myself to others 

  • People who don’t accept me for who I am 

  • Crazy to do lists I’ll never keep 

  • Worrying over things I can’t control

  • My limiting beliefs that tell me I can’t be or achieve what I want to

  • Fear of failure, getting it wrong, or of making the wrong decision

  • The need for certainty and to control everything I am and do

  • Holding back on things I want to try for fear of failing

And From this day forwards:

  • Spend time doing the things I love

  • Embrace the future with hope, possibility and adventure

  • Value my self-worth, honour my values and what matters to me

  • Embrace my imperfections and love me for who I am

  • Invite laughter and joy into every day

  • Spend time with the ones I love and who love me for who I am

  • Be with courage and daring to be brave 

  • Make choices for me 

  • Wave goodbye to procrastination and hello to action

  • Feel calm and enjoying life with a sense of lightness

Just imagine what a sense of feeling uplifted could bring you?


What does the programme include:

Over the course of the four weeks you will have the opportunity to explore what really matters to you. This will be broken down into small activities that you complete each week. These will incude:

Understanding your values and what really matters to you 

Our values are a central part of who we are and how we want to live our life. By becoming more aware of them, they can guide us to ensure we are staying true to ourselves when making decisions. 
When we honour our values we feel fulfilled and ‘on purpose’. When we ‘step on’ our values we can feel despondent and demotivated. You'll work through an exercise to get clear on what your values are and the cornerstone behaviours alongside these which can support you to truly live the life you want.


The self-esteem team

We will be working through what I call the ‘backpack of opinions’.  It’s time to swap that backpack and find out who’s in your self esteem team?

So often we carry around this imaginary backpack which weighs us down with all the judgements and criticism of ourselves from others – either that we have heard or most likely that we have made up! We have approximately 50-80,000 thoughts a day and when we are tired, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or when someone pushes our buttons we go straight to the limbic, emotional part of our brain (Lizard brain) and can become very emotional. It means we don’t really see what’s going on and can build up stories in our heads. Our brains can’t distinguish between thought and fact so it’s very easy to do this. It means we are quite likely to imagine what people would say or how they might judge us. It also means we can become quite habitual and just keep doing what we have always done because we think it works for us. 

Taking action and letting go of ''I'll do it tomorrow''

So come on then, be honest with yourself. What’s your relationship with procrastination like? It’s a pesky place to be when we sit with it and yet so easy to fall into the trap of staying with it. This week will focus on recognising your strengths and how you can play to these when you need to get things done. It will also look at how you fall into the procrastination trap, how that’s serving you and what you can do to move into a state of action more regularly.


The non negotiables

This week will be about boundaries and the non negotiable areas of your life that you might be starting to recognise throughout the programme.

So what are the things in your life you couldn’t be without? The things that make you, you. That help you to be the best version of yourself. These might be physical objects, practices you have and even people. It’s amazing how when we remove these from our lives or pull back on the practices that it can really shift our energy and momentum.

So how does this work in practice?

Weekly email sent on a Sunday this sets out the task/activity for you to focus on for the week and includes templates to use to support your reflections. 

Simply The Best Uplift template this master template will capture your main learnings from each week so that you have an overall visual representaion of  what you choose to take forward with you in 2023. 


Private Facebook group – A safe space to feel encouraged and uplifted by each other and feel part of a small community. Conversations and support can be continued throughout the programme. I will also be going live once a week for maxium of 20 minutes with tips on how to make the most of the weekly activity. There will be a chance to ask questions too. Not got Facebook? There will also be a private You Tube channel so you can access the videos there.

Accountability support: Be inspired and motivated by a small community who all want to start the year with positive intention and to take action. There will be regular accountability check in's for members to share where they are up to, to ensure that everyone has the support they need to stay on track.

The investment for the programme is £44.44

This amount has been chosen to value my own worth as 9 years of expertise and also as I am mindful that I wanted to make the programme as accessible to as many as need it and because the numbers keep speaking to me. The 4’s together is said to represent embarking on a journey of growth and development. A time to focus on your authentic self.  It's providing a space for confidence, sense of self and the powerhouse within you. This is what this programme is all about.




The Simply The Best Group coaching programme starts on

Sunday 8th January 2023

If you’re ready to start the year with intention.

To feel supported and held accountable.

And ready to say no to the same limiting beliefs you keep hearing,

Then join me and a small community of women who are ready to step forward and be Simply The Best!

It's time to feel UPLIFTED!

I can't wait to welcome you to the programme.

Nicola x

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What have previous participants said about the programme?



If you know you need to take more time for self care, you need to sign up for Simply the Best. Nicola's programme provides the supportive space you need for reflection and growth so you can be your best. Jennifer


Nicola Arnold has developed an excellent program to increase awareness of what is preventing you from living life to the fullest. I have gained many insights from participating. Jo


The more I look back on the Simply the Best the more I realise how brilliant the programme was, and how many tools you provided and how much I learnt from it. You created a space people where we were having conversations and encouraging each other even though most of us were complete strangers. For me personally its opened so many doors as to how I could feel. I am also proud to say it really was Simply the Best. Helen 


The programme was well organised and thought out. It was nice to get daily inspirational emails. The programme was helped rebuild my confidence and courage. Caroline


It's time to take the next steps



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