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I’ve created Nourish to provide space for connection and exploration within a small community.  Bring to the virtual space your own cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake and engage in conversation with like minded people. The purpose of the afternoon is to gift yourself space to focus on you through connection, conversation and tools to help you focus on holding a positive mindset.


Click  here to watch a short video which captures the essence of what happened at the March 2021 Nourish event: 


Do YOU hold yourself in limiting beliefs that stifle you?


Why do I ask these? Well, as we move into autumn and the nights draw in, many of my conversations with clients and in the Happy hub have focussed on wellbeing and how we are all doing.  It’s been a tough year as uncertainly continues and I know for many the lack of opportunity to just relax and switch off is starting to take its toll as we feel stuck in the current situation.


It’s that familiar feeling that pit in your stomach, the tightness in your chest and the feeling something is out of your reach.

Or perhaps, it’s that familiar phrase, those words that tumble out of your mouth, that once put out there can never be unspoken. 

Or maybe it’s the belief you hold onto that crushes you and keeps you small and after a while you actually start to believe it.



It's amazing how these limiting and repetitive beliefs can have such a hold on us isn't it? It makes us feel low or worthless, like we're under achieving and just stuck. Unsure of where to go next, what decision to make - will it be for the best? Your body feels tense, tired, headachey and fragile. It's almost like we're a lesser version of our former selves.

In the last couple of months I have been trialling out a different way of holding my thoughts and becoming more self aware of how I can intercept the gremlins and reframe my thoughts earlier, so they don’t overstay their welcome and live rent free in my head.


I’d love to share these concepts with you and help you formulate a technique that will enable you to really shake off the doubt and learn new ways of managing your mindset that allows choice, freedom and a sense of release from feeling like you're stuck and not achieving. Just imagine what it would feel like to relax your shoulders, start looking up and around you rather than down and a sense of accomplishment and moving forwards.


Nourish – the autumn tonic is back to:

  • Provide an afternoon where you could sit in a calm space with a lit candle, a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake and feel part of a community

  • To learn a technique for you to call upon a more positive mindset which enables you to reduce anxiety, increase your confidence in making decisions and feel freer and lighter from worry and self judgement

  • Gift yourself of focused time to truly connect with your heart without any feelings of worry or guilt about what else you should be doing

  • A chance to just take a breath, relax and not worry about what’s on the to-do list, what chores need doing or providing yet another snack as the kitchen never seems to be closed!


Imagine feeling part of a collective group of women who have come together to share a common goal to explore how they can take back control of their thoughts and invite more positivity into their life. A chance to connect with others who feel the same and support each other to rise and feel free and empowered to be at choice.



The NOURISH agenda


The workshop is facilitated by myself. I am a certified coach who focuses not just on action but on your behaviours and mindset too. I have created a space for you to leave feeling nourished – both body and soul with small tips to invite positivity in ways which seem accessible and also fun to engage in.


​ Please note timings are subject to change to support the group’s energy levels and time for meaningful conversations.

 1.50pm – Please log on and check audio/visual for prompt start at 2pm

 2.00pm – Welcome, tea, coffee, cake and connection (bring your own)

 2.30pm – The Self-Esteem team

 3.00pm – Breakout room 1 – Appreciators and Champions

 3.20pm – Comfort break – dance to your favourite song!

 3.30pm – Regroup

 3.35pm – Breakout room 2: The Bold and The Brave

 3.55pm – Regroup#

 4.10pm – Mindful practice and close

 4.25pm – Close

The workshop is facilitated by myself. I am a certified coach who focuses not just on action but on your behaviours and mindset too.

The workshop is not therapy based.

The investment for the programme is £25.00

Maximum 14 places available.

I also recognise though that you might feel  the idea of time to yourself is selfish.


Or are you happy telling yourself that same old story. That you don’t matter, it’s selfish to spend time on you. And ultimately you’ll never be able to make that decision, do that thing, chase that dream, be the person you really want to be.

I’d like to change that and invite an alternative phrase which is self-first.


Why? Well here’s some news for you...


It’s just a belief. It’s not the truth.

You have the power and the ability to change this notion of not being ‘allowed’ to take care of you or want more from your life.

The question is are you ready to?

My aim is for you to leave NOURISH:

  • Aware of the triggers of unhelpful self talk and how these can be reframed

  • Equipped with a range of resources to channel a positive mindset

  • Uplifted and reconnected to the world

  • Empowered to make choice and move forward

Come join us!


NOURISH takes place virtually on Saturday 20th November 2pm – 4.30pm

If you’d like to invest some time in you

To gift your body and soul some time to relax.

To take care of you and invite a daily boost of positivity in your life

To be ready to invite connection, exploration and

To feel supported and held accountable

Then join me.

It’s time to take care of you.

I can't wait to welcome you to my online wellbeing haven.

Nicola x


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Testimonials from the last Nourish event

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