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Saturday 9th March 2019 - 10.15am - 4.30pm

The Mill, North Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1ET


Imagine a day all to yourself.


A day to truly connect with your heart without any feelings of worry or guilt about what else you should be doing.


Imagine a beautiful country setting. A detached country barn with wooden beams, and candle chandeliers.


The stillness of the pond outside which reflects the serene surrounding of the beautiful flowers that gently sway in the spring breeze.

Imagine a collective group of women who have come together to share a common goal.


A dream to feel more confident and happy in their skin.


A dream to finally feel that they can feel more empowered and able to make choices that resonate with them.

Imagine how it would feel to be a part of this day. 


To feel supported and nurtured to release your inner strength and move through limiting beliefs and "stuck stories". Just imagine what it would be like to walk through the door and open up a new chapter that enables you to say "This is ME" and truly be able to embrace you in your own skin.


My mission in life is to encourage as many people as possible to feel happy in their own skin and able to live life from a place of choice.


I have held a vision of creating a space for a day for women to come together to celebrate who they are. To recognise their strengths, unlock their potential and draw on their courage to make decisions in life that give them choice, fulfilment and purpose. I am so excited to be living this vision and that you will be a part of the day.

I have designed and created the workshop myself. It is intended to help you focus on leading a life with more confidence. For you to feel supported and nurtured to release your inner strength.


After all - without change there would be no butterflies, so I want to acknowledge your courage by stepping out of your chrysalis.


It’s time for you to spread your wings, radiate in your beauty and be the best version of yourself.


I will take you through several activities to explore how you can channel self compassion, stand in your truth and know your worth.


It’s time to be enlightened to the possibilities that life holds for you from this place.


The workshop is facilitated by myself. I am a certified coach who focuses not just on action but on your behaviours and mindset too.

The workshop is not therapy based.



Why take a trip to the barn?

It's time to start living your life from a fulfilled and wholehearted place. 


The day retreat will offer you a safe space to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life

and surround yourself with beautiful countryside, a cosy barn and the space to just pause and breathe.


You will be in the company of like minded women who want to channel their confidence and step out as their real selves.

During the day you will:

Learn techniques to channel self compassion that you can continue daily




Be supported through an exercise to help you let go of the negative mind chatter so you can move through limiting beliefs and "stuck stories"


Be gifted a nurturing space to spend some mindful time to connect with your heart and discover what you can appreciate about you


Have dedicated time to draw on your courage enabling you to make decisions in life that give you choice, fulfilment and purpose




 Make a promise to yourself of what action you will take to make this happen


Ultimately I want to make sure you leave the retreat knowing that:

You are enough as you are
You get to CHOOSE what happens next
That you have the strength within you to be everything you want to be


Are you ready to find your confidence?

Join me - you're worth it aren't you?


This is ME Day Retreat

Saturday 09th March 2019

The one day retreat will take place in the beautiful barn at:


The Mill House, North Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1ET

Ticket - £85*

Price includes light lunch – please let me know of any dietary requirements

Limited to 30 places

*Earlybird until 31/101/2019 then £109

Click here to contact me and reserve your place



Meet the speakers

I will supported by some incredible ladies on the day. You can find out more about them and what they will be sharing below.

NIcky and Hope .jpeg

Nicky Harverson


Nicky is a coach supporting women to live fitter and braver lives. To find the freedom to take control of their work environment, give priority to their personal space and set exciting new challenges and goals. 


In May 2017 Nicky cycled solo and unsupported from John O’Groats to Lands End. An epic 989 miles in 13 days. A life affirming journey that stretched her mentally and physically. Focusing on ‘What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you’ Nicky will discuss her key strategies for getting out of your own way to take on the big challenges that you face in life. Find out what motivated Nicky to tackle this trip along and how she managed to banish the gremlins over Loch Ness and reach the finish line one pedal stroke at a time.

Sanela Lukanovic


Sanela is an Accredited Daring Way facilitator (2016), Life and career coach. Her passion is empowering women to show up, be seen and live brave™ as well as taking this work to parents and schools.

She has 14 years of life and career coaching experience working in corporates, business schools and in her private practice. Having started her career as a management consultant, she has developed a unique way of combining pragmatism, love of research and power of intuition in her coaching.

One of the highlights of her Daring Way journey was meeting Brené in Sydney in 2016.

Sanela and I will be leading a joint workshop on self-compassion sharing the inspiring work of Brene Brown. 


Sonj Gundry 


Sonj is a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner who fell in love with sound at the age of 10, becoming captivated by the amazing sound of the majestic gong its complexity of sound energy strength, movement, harmonics and frisson.


She work's from the Soul with Passion & Heart using:

Himalayan Bowls (Harmonic Warmth)

Her Beloved Gongs (Majestic & Bold)

Crystals Bowls (Nurturing; Notes & Intervals)

Her journey through sound has been a life changing experience. She has felt growth, has flourished and feels her life has transformed on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level of  being and soul


It's time to take the next steps



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