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Copy of Copy of This IS ME EVENT BANNER

""This is ME day 2019 was the most amazing experience. Nicola created a beautiful safe space in a perfect venue. I felt totally able to share my thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment.

When’s the 2020 one? I’m booking and bringing a buddy!." Tracy



Imagine walking into the rustic barn and being welcomed with open arms, fresh coffee and cake.


As you look around your breath is taken away as you take in the shimmer of the light from the chandeliers and

 the warmth of the wooden beams as they hold a safe space for you to just be. 

Imagine focused time to truly connect with your heart without any feelings of worry or guilt about what else you should be doing.

You will feel part of a collective group of women who have come together to share a common goal to ignite their courage and be happy in their skin.


As you take a seat and the day begins you are invited to release your inner strength and move through limiting beliefs and "stuck stories".

Imagine a day to yourself

""This is ME 2019 - The opportunity to spend time on and for myself with other like-minded ladies. I cannot overstate the value of this" Jo


""This is ME 2019 - I can’t thank you enough for the personalisation of the day and making each one of us feel special, individual and strong" Alison



My mission in life is to encourage as many people as possible to feel happy in their own skin and able to live life from a place of choice.

I have designed and created the retreat myself. It is intended to help you focus on leading a life with more courage and able to access areas of your life that you have felt too afraid to explore.  My intention is for you to feel supported and nurtured to release your inner strength.


After all - without change there would be no butterflies, so I want to acknowledge your courage by stepping out of your chrysalis.


It’s time for you to spread your wings, radiate in your beauty and be the best version of yourself.


I will take you through several activities to explore how you can channel self belief, embrace the rhythm of your renewed energy and unleash your curiosity of what's next for you.


It’s time to be enlightened to the possibilities that life holds for you from this place.


The workshop is facilitated by myself. I am a certified coach who focuses not just on action but on your behaviours and mindset too.

The workshop is not therapy based.



Why take a trip to the barn?

It's time to start living your life from a fulfilled and wholehearted place. 


The day retreat will offer you a safe space to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life

and surround yourself with beautiful countryside, a cosy barn and the space to just pause and breathe.


You will be in the company of like minded women who want to connect with their courage and step out as their real selves.

During the day you will:

Explore what courage means to you and how you can invite it into your life to break through stuck stories and limiting beliefs




 Embrace the rhythm of your renewed energy and release your creative side 


Be gifted a nurturing space to connect with your heart and discover what you can appreciate about you when you let go of the labels

you currently own around your image and self limiting beliefs 


Have dedicated time to draw on your courage enabling you to feel empowered and able to make decisions in life that give you

choice, fulfilment and purpose and ultimately freedom to be YOU




 Make a promise to yourself of what action you will take to make this happen


Ultimately I want to make sure you leave the retreat knowing that:

You are enough as you are
You get to CHOOSE what happens next
That you have the strength within you to be everything you want to be


Are you ready to find your courage?


This is ME: 'ROAR' Day Retreat

Saturday 07th March 2020

The one day retreat will take place in the beautiful barn at:


The Mill House, North Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1ET

Ticket - £115

Price includes light lunch – please let me know of any dietary requirements

Limited to 25 places

Click here to contact me and reserve your place


Watch this 2.5 minute video and find out what happened at last year's event

""Nicola's "This is ME Retreat" was a fantastic opportunity to hear some really inspirational presentations, along with some very useful practical steps I can take to blossom into being the best version of myself that I can be. There is always work to be done but Nicola and her fellow facilitators showed me that I CAN do it, and I'd like to thank them for reminding me to find the fun, to breathe, to choose self compassion and be courageous" Tracy


""Nix - you are truly amazing and your efforts in putting the day together are simply nothing short of sheer brilliance. Your belief and conviction in this and your wonderful kind caring compassionate attitude to all your endeavours really shine through and I’m sure we are all richer for being lucky enough to have experienced the magic of This is Me, well done" Melanie


Testimonials from 'This is ME 2019

""A great opportunity to take a pause from every day life and reflect on where I am in life now and enable me to look to the future and work towards a more fulfilling future whilst being held by some amazing people in a truly nurturing safe space." Claire


Meet the speakers 

I will supported by some incredible speakers on the day. You can find out more about them and what they will be sharing below.


Tracy Hedley

Known to her family and close friends as “Daisy”, Tracy lives on a smallholding in East Sussex which overlooks the ancient town of Rye and Camber Sands.  She has been happily married to Mike for 3 years and has a 20 year old son, 37 year old Stepson and daughter-in-law.

She grew up in Northampton with her older sister and younger brother until her family bought a village shop and Post Office on the outskirts of Rochester in Kent.  In 1991 she moved to East Sussex and have never really looked back.

Painfully shy as a small child she has learned coping mechanisms over the years to embrace the importance of communication and is now happy to regularly speak in front of large audiences.  She is a very successful swimming coach in addition to her professional role as a Pharmacy Technician and thrives on supporting others to develop themselves and take them beyond the limits they believe they have.

She has experienced many ups and downs in her life and uses each experience as a stepping stone to becoming a better person.  She will be sharing her experience of some recent challenging life changes to prove that with the right mind set and support, you can overcome anything.

Richard Parker

Richard Parker has been guiding and facilitating Drum Circles for over 14 years and is attentive in supporting individual learning styles and skill.  His inspiration is fed by his passion for community, accessibility and inclusivity where he finds a Drum Circle to be an amazing embodiment of this expression. Richard's style has come through many years of African Drumming combined with creative improvisation and free expression, bringing an uplifting, dynamic and heartfelt experience.


Drumming is a great way to bring people together, as the rhythms create a sense of connectedness that is felt within the whole group. It's also a chance to express ourselves without words, has the power to lift our spirit and facilitates a sense of well being and relaxation.


We will be playing on a range of West African Drums including the Djembe, with facilitated rhythms, exercises and games to inspire and encourage all to play. Drums are provided and no prior musical experience is needed. 


Drumming is proven to:

- Reduce Stress, Tension & Anxiety whilst increasing Energy

- Build Confidence & Motivation

- Inspire Creative Thinking

- Create Connection & Community

Richard Drumming Red.jpg

Aga Kehinde

Coach, EFT practitioner Nurse and Educator. 
Aga has a 20 years’ experience as a clinical nurse specialist in oncology and oncology research, she qualified with The Coaching Academy and holds a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Over the last 20 years, Aga has been supporting individuals who have experienced serious life challenges to navigate through the chaos and reclaim purpose and meaning into their lives. 

Since completing the practitioner course, Aga has incorporated the Emotional Freedom Technique into her practice, helping women to process emotions that hold them back so they can succeed in their business, home-life or health, and start living the life of joy and wellbeing they fully deserve. 


Wendy Strohm

Wendy is an experienced business coach and has been in learning and development all her career.  She has had her own business for 25+ years offering coach training, HR expertise, business coaching and much more for a range of individual clients and organisations.

Wendy has a passion for ethics, equality and diversity and the power of being kind.  She has trained with Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment and truly believes we each have something valuable to offer for the greater good.

Wendy is a big fan of Nicola’s work in the courage arena and excited to be involved in ROAR.  Wendy’s session is about Labelling and Body Confidence and will be challenging how we think, view and talk to others, but mostly to ourselves.

It's time to take the next steps



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