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I'll do it tomorrow!

What tasks or activities have you been involved in this week that you feel confident and competent to undertake without any hesitation? Thought of a few? That's great. Do you feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction for being able to complete these or is it just second nature?

So what drives you to complete these? We find it much easier to complete activities that we enjoy, find easy and where we feel there is benefit from accomplishing them. Consider these questions: What are you most proud of achieving in the last week? Why does it stand out? Does it align with your values and life purpose?

Take a few moments to answer these questions and really connect with the feelings these bring forth.

Now consider the things you have been putting off. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day right? Pushing today's to do list to tomorrow only delays that feeling of having to complete the chore you really don't want to do. It's time to ask yourself:

· Why am I putting it off?

· Why am I procrastinating?

· What is it about the task I don't want to face?

· What purpose does this task serve?

· Have I signed up to something that I don't really need to complete?

· What could I let go of?

Inside us all is this strong wiser self who feels bold and able to tackle anything that comes our way. When we connect with this persona it can help us to face the things in life we so often try to out to the back of your minds. Tapping back into the feelings of achievement I asked you to consider earlier on in this blog, how could you bring the stronger, more committed and bolder person to the forefront?

Go on, go back and look at that to-do list again and tackle it from another perspective... How amazing would it feel to get one item crossed off today and not tomorrow?

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